History of the New Philadelphia Church of Christ

The church at New Philadelphia dates back to 1923, when Oma and Dempsey Haines started a congregation of the Lord's people, which met in their home. As the congregation grew, so did the need for a larger meeting place. Services were moved to the Knights of Pythias Hall on South Broadway, and later to the Elks Hall on West High Avenue. The growing group of disciples decided to purchase their own meeting place, and did so in 1924. The congregation remained at the Seventh Street NW location until 1957. In 1957, the congregation moved again, this time to a new building located at 335 Union Avenue NW. The church continued to meet in this building until 1972. In 1968, plans were made for a new facility on Commercial Avenue. Three acres of land were purchased in 1969, and groundbreaking for the new building took place in August of 1972. The church continued to increase and in 1999, work on the addition to the building was completed. A fellowship room, restrooms, a new clothing room and a kitchen were added. In that same year the church purchased the property adjacent to the building. The church has been blessed with preachers who have helped the church in its work. Some of the men located with us at New Philadelphia include Lawrence Reed, Clyde Moore, John Rockhold, Faye Cherry, Eugene Carroll, Ellis Web, C.D. Beagle, Richard Dale, Warren Kenney, Richard Pryor and Chuck Hopkins. Tim Hatfield began his work with the congregation in June of 2000.